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Posted Dec 11, 2023

Local Logo Competition for the Weavers Mountain Wind Energy Project!

In an exciting collaboration, SWEB Development and Glooscap Energy recently organized a logo contest for SWEB's Weavers Mountain wind energy project. The competition attracted numerous talented designers, each showcasing their own unique creativity. After careful consideration, Cruzer Muese was named the winner, with their exceptional design.

The logo contest invited contestants to submit their original ideas that encapsulated the vision, values, and essence of the Weavers Mountain wind energy project. Muese’s innovative design certainly did just that. It will be featured on the Weavers Mountain website and serve as a powerful symbol for the project for years to come.

SWEB would like to express their heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all the participants who invested their time and creative energy in the contest. Thank you! 

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